Our premier and most popular recording package. It offers you a way to add that BIG, RICH, FAT analog tape sound to specific parts in your digital DIY project without the overwhelming time pressure and the crushing expense of major studio analog tracking.

So you've recorded everything into ProTools and will be mixing in-the-box in your own studio. But you REALLY want live drums (or guitar, or bass, or lead vocal tracks, etc.) with that sound that only 2" analog tape saturation can give you. Sadly, you just don't have the gear or budget to book a major room and buy tape, etc. Here's your solution:

  • Give us your stems: We load your songs into our system and completely pre-set everything for the session in advance - instrument, levels, sound, cue mix, tape ops...everything.
  • Show up and play: Arrive with your drummer (guitarist, bass player, singer, etc.), send him/her directly into the tracking room and have em start playing (after we get tape rolling of course).
  • Go have a cup o' joe: When all tracking is finished, you take a short break while we render each individual track file (time will depend on # of songs so you might need 2 cups).
  • Walk out with finished files in hand! When the session's over, we give you a DVD (or more strongly recommended, bring your own drive) containing BWAV files of all of the analog tracks you just recorded, ready to load back into your system. That's it. Bam! You've just given your music an analog boost for (are you ready):

$125 per song

This streamlined "pre-set" process is designed as an easy, efficient and affordable alternative that eliminates pre-production/setup fees, clock watching and unnecessary wait times as the analog tracks are recorded simultaneously to the digital converters straight from the repro heads on the tape machine. But most importantly:



  1. This package assumes you want to add an analog recorded *part* to your pre-existing digitally recorded song - drums, bass, guitar, vocals, etc. The fee is for one part per song and not multi-instrument or full band tracking.
  2. The trade-offs for affordability in this package is that you are limited to the instruments/gear that we have set up and pre-prepared for your session.  In advance of the session, we'll listen to your music, discuss musical style, sonic preferences/treatment and appropriate gear, in order to set everything up compatible to your production vision. But once the session is booked, there are no substitutions. Think of it as ordering take-out: once you've ordered it... .
  3. It also assumes as always that the song arrangement is set and that your musician is well rehearsed and knows the arrangements.