Welcome! Sawubona! Bienvenue! Nangadeef! Wo Ho Te Sen! Hola!

Ikhaya Studios is a unique, full service audio recording & music production facility with top shelf digital / analog equipment, smartly designed tracking spaces, and a great big enthusiatic, creative *world* vibe.

Ikhaya  means home in the Zulu language and it is the studio's primary mission to make you feel that you've found a *home* in which to fully realize your project goals.

The studio began as the personal project studio of world-rock guitarist, producer, singer/songwriter Ema. As his project collaborations expanded in the US and South Africa so did the requests for and subsequent expansion needs of the studio. Today Ikhaya Studios stands as a fully equipped boutique music facility capable of meeting a vast range of project needs for a diverse 21st century musical community.

As owner, engineer and producer, Ema (a.k.a Mthakathi - the "magic man") brings his combined musical, technical and anthropological backgrounds to the table, enabling him to offer a unique environment that is sympathetic to the creative needs of all cultures, styles, genres and ventures. The control room, tracking room and iso booth are cleverly designed to accommodate most modest configurations for live tracking. All these elements coupled with a great *world* vibe, allow you an immense freedom to create, perform, record and mix your music.

"Mthakathi" Ema

"Mthakathi" Ema


Whether it's full band tracking for your demos or albums, song development, pre/post production, DAW editing, mixing, overdubs, voice-overs, sound design, film scoring..., Ikhaya Studios is equally suited for them all.

We are available to assist with any stage of your project - from concept to mastering, from basic engineering to full hands on producing. And once you're project's "in the can," we can also help you with the next steps - CD pressing, digital distribution, crowd funding and web/viral marketing as well. Even if you're a DIY-er, we're still happy to make recommendations.



And of course we can also stay out of your way (within reason).

Where are we?

Ikhaya Studios is located just 20 minutes from Manhattan driving across the GWB. We are also right on the NJ Transit bus route (1/2 block away) and a mere 20 minute walk from the NJ Transit train station in town (it's not uncommon for Ema to offer to come pick you up...good excuse to make a Starbucks run!)